Rubbed with our 'secret recipe' blend of Herbs & Spices and slow cooked – usually overnight
Served in Soft Floured Baps with Condiments.

Alternative Breads are available - Sourdough, Flatbread, Artisan Breads etc!


You can also add Sides and Salads to the Menu too!

Salad and Sides Options

Wild Rice & Walnut Salad

Baby New Potatoes

Corn on the Cob

Greek Feta Salad

Mixed Bean Salad

Diced Mixed Salad  (peppers, onion, cucumber, sweetcorn and tomato)

Tomato Pasta Salad (childrens option)

Waldorf Salad

Spicy Basmati Rice, Cashew & Green Pea.

Crunchy Coleslaw

Caesar Salad

Mixed Leaf Salad

Meditteranean Cous Cous with Feta Cheese

Coronation Rice Salad with Sultanas and a spiced Mayonnaise Dressing

We welcome other salad and sides suggestions/requests


You can also add Starter and Dessert to this Menu! 


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